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Networks and Professorships

In accordance with the Georgia Tech proposal, termed professorships have encouraged the development of networks of women faculty in NSF colleges. Women faculty in these colleges meet as groups frequently and are individually mentored by the ADVANCE professors

College and inter-college activities similarly bringing together women faculty have encouraged women to put themselves forward for advancement, to establish research collaborations, and to communicate more effectively with college and institutional administration.

The Center for the Study of Women, Science and Technology [WST] (1998-present) has played a critical role as an existing network of women faculty interested in advancement and gender studies scholars providing theoretical perspectives. As a partner with COE and the Provost in developing the grant proposal, WST has sponsored activities and partnerships that support the full participation of women.

Program Director, Mary Lynn Realff has also sponsored a series of inter-college workshops targeting specific issues related to advancement
i) Grant writing
ii) Advancing senior women (administrative and research tracks)
iii) Stopping the tenure clock and work-family issues

Annual Georgia Tech conference has also encouraged networking amongst faculty, especially women, and administrators.


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