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Annual Conference :: 2002 Proceedings

The First Annual Georgia Tech NSF ADVANCE Conference took place on May 9 and 10, 2002 at the Marietta Conference Center and Resort (MCCR) in Marietta, Georgia. Over 225 members of the Georgia Tech community were invited to the two-day event, including every tenure-track academic woman faculty member; all deans, associate deans and school chairs; select senior male faculty members from each college; and other guests.

The theme for this first conference was “Enhancing Faculty Success and Institutional Transformation at Georgia Tech.” Toward this end, presentations and breakout sessions on the following topics were included on the agenda:

- Negotiating the Tenure and Promotion Process  
- Balancing Family and Work  
- Post-Tenure Career Advancement  
- Faculty Mentoring  
- Faculty Community Development and Collaboration  

Jean-Lou Chameau, Provost and ADVANCE Principal Investigator gave opening and closing remarks, as well as a talk on his perspectives as the principal investigator of the program. In addition, the three co-principal investigators, April S. Brown, Sue V. Rosser and Mary Frank Fox, spoke about the ADVANCE Program at Georgia Tech and nationally, and the meaning of institutional transformation.

The keynote address was given by Virginia Valian, Professor of Psychology and Linguistics at Hunter College-CUNY; author of “Why So Slow? The Advancement of Women,” (MIT Press, 1998); and the Hunter College ADVANCE Program Principal Investigator.

For more information, please see the “Schedule and Agenda,” or contact Beth Gourbiere at For information about and directions to MCCR, please go to

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