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Active Service – Modified Duties Process


As part of Georgia Tech's NSF ADVANCE Program faculty may apply for funding available for supplementing teaching loads related to childbirth or family leave. These applications must be approved by chair, dean and provost. This funding is limited and must be shared across Colleges based on number of requests and departmental budgetary constraints.

At this time, because of certain restrictions inherent in the NSF program guidelines, this funding is only available to academic tenure-track faculty members whose applications are approved (see procedure below)

Active Service - Modified Duties Statement of Intent

The Institute recognizes the need for academic faculty members to balance the commitments of both family and work. The Institute recognizes that an academic faculty member may be presented with circumstances that cause substantial alterations to his/her daily routine and thus need to construct a modified workload and flexible schedule for a short time, or permanently. The Institute recognizes that such circumstances may vary widely for faculty members at different stages of their careers and with different family and workload situations. Such circumstances include the birth or adoption of a child, or the severe illness of a parent, spouse or child.

The Institute is committed to working with a faculty member to devise a workload and schedule that enables the faculty member to remain an active member of the faculty, but with a modified workload. However, while the Institute endeavors to meet the needs of its faculty, the Institute must also meet the needs of its students, and do so within certain budgetary constraints.

A faculty member is encouraged to speak with his/her school chair as soon as possible about active service-modified duties options in order to ensure the maximum amount of time for planning. A school chair, in conjunction with the relevant dean, is responsible for working with a faculty member to ensure that his/her rights are protected, a fair plan for modified duties is implemented if possible, budgetary constraints are considered, and student needs are met. Active service-modified duties options could include a decreased teaching or service load; final decisions about the nature of the modified duties are the responsibility of the school chair, in consultation with the dean.


A faculty member may apply for Active Service-Modified Duties (currently available only to tenured/tenure track faculty). The request should be made one (1) semester prior to intended use. The lead time for requests may be waived in emergency circumstances. The request is submitted to the Provost, in writing, after being processed through the faculty member's unit chair and/or dean.

What to Include in Your Request:

•  Name of Faculty member requesting AS/MD
•  Name of School and/or College
•  Reason for request (e.g. childbirth)
•  Modification of Duties (proposed activities)
•  Amount of AS/MD funding requested
•  When (semester or academic year) the modified activities will take place
•  Approval of Dean must be noted in request letter if it originates from the School Chair

Request Letter Formats

•  Faculty member generates letter of request with proposed activities for Chair/Dean's approval. The plan of proposed activities is developed in consultation with the School Chair and the Dean's office. The duties may be school-based or college-based or a combination thereof). Once approved, Chair/Dean includes a cover letter (including all other requirements) to Provost with the Faculty member's letter attached.
•  At the request of the faculty member, Chair/Dean generates AS/MD request letter with all required information.

2. Modification of duties should not result in additional duties during any subsequent semesters, (e.g. teaching loads cannot be made up after the Active Service-Modified Duties semester).

The Active Service-Modified Duties plan may result in a 0-100% appointment. Georgia Tech can supplement NSF funds for appropriate activities. The faculty member may request a less than 100% time appointment. In this case, the faculty member may have to request an official leave of absence from Georgia Tech. NOTE: Office of Faculty Career Development Services must be consulted for all issues related to official leave. Leave issues are handled separately from AS/MD and should not be included in requests for AS/MD.

Please direct questions and requests for additional information to the Office of Faculty Affairs.

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